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A couple of weeks ago, now I went to a blogger event at the body shop (after hearing about the event on the East Midlands bloggers facebook page.) You may have seen a couple of these posts by now, so I hope mine does not completely bore you. It has been such a long time since I have been to any blogger events, I am completely out of scope with my local blogging community there was so many new faces!
the body shop nottingham
I have been using cruelty free products for a while now and although the body shop is against animal testing, for the longest time they have been owned by L’Oréal who do test on animals. I have had so many conflicted feelings from buying from the body shop due to this, but at the same time so many people who buy cruelty free products buy from companies whose parent companies are not cruelty free, it is a tricky subject. Those who do not know, testing cosmetics on animals is against the law in Europe, however if a company wishes to sell in places like China the ingredients need to be tested on animals. Honestly, I still cannot believe that in 2017 we are still testing products like this on animals considering how advance we are when it comes to science. At the time of writing this though, the body shop has now been officially sold to Natura a cruelty free company, so for those of you who did not want to buy from them due to L’Oréal’s ownership you can now shop away!  

This is the first event the body shop in Nottingham have ever hosted, so it was all completely new to them. The event was a showcase to show off some of their new products, on arrival we were greeted with some chocolate and a refreshing berry juice. We were then told a brief history about the company itself before telling us that they had a little competition that on the bottom of the cups was a coloured star and if you had a certain colour you had won one of their products. I had already placed my empty cup on the side so I picked up back up and flipped it over to pouring little droplets on the floor (typical me) but lucky for me I had a green star so I was gifted one of their new face masks the Japanese matcha green tea mask, it is a mask I have heard so many good things about and it aims to rid the skin of pollution. I also found out on the night that Nottingham has one of the highest air pollution rates after London.
the body shop nottinghamAfter the introductions, the shop was split into sections, a makeup section, skincare, body etc. Firstly, I went to the makeup counter, I have been using the body shops fresh nude foundation as a cheap cruelty free alternative but I found it just slid of my skin so I was eager to try their new matte foundation. I got colour tested for this, for the second lightest shade which matches perfectly although I may give the lightest shade a go at some point. I love this foundation, because it has done what no other foundations has done for the longest time and lasts on my face pretty much all day! I can touch my face and not have to panic that I have wiped my make up off, and it only costs £10. 

the body shop nottinghamI also needed a new moisturiser, so I went to speak to the skincare consultant who asked me about my skin. I have oily skin, which I have always known but she gave me these little papers to put on areas of my face to see just how oily and well it was pretty gross. She showed me several different products but in the end, I opted for the seaweed oil control gel cream.the body shop nottingham

the body shop nottingham
The body shop has so many different products on offer from lotions, perfumes, shampoo etc. in a variety of gorgeous scents such as vanilla, strawberry to orange. We were also give a preview of their new vanilla pumpkin range which I believe is on sale now (don’t quote me on that) and it was completely and utterly divine, even after I left I kept sniffing my hand because it was such a yummy smell. So yes, I will be going back to buy some of that range.It was a lovely way to spend my Tuesday evening, and it was nice being able to test out some of the body shops new products. They were extra generous on the night on gave us 40% of any products purchased along with a little bag with a few samples. Along with the foundation and moisturiser I picked up some of their hemp lip balm.

 Have you visited the body shop recently? Let me know what your favourite products are.

  1. What a dream, I'd LOVE to go to a TBS event! Would be amazing. I'm a massive fan of all their mango scented stuff, I'm a bit obsessed. They've also got a new vanilla pumpkin range so I need it all haha x

    Alice www.accordingtoalicex.com

  2. I love the body shop for their bath&body stuff, but have never really tried any of their skincare or makeup - I might have to call in soon to check out the new products!


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