Healthy snack balls

I am a HUGE snacker and I always end up opting for junk food over more healthier options. I don't know why but when I do opt for the healthy option I am never satisfied, these healthy snack balls however left me feeling full so I didn't have the urge to immediately reach for something unhealthy. 
healthy snack balls

I made two different types, firstly fruit and nut balls and hazelnut and chocolate balls (which you can see from the picture didn't quite blend as well as the others!) They are really simple to make and shouldn't take too long. 

Fruit and nut balls:
150g Almonds
300g Mixed fruit mix
A tablespoon of coconut oil but anything sticky works e.g. agave nectar.
Decorative items such as coconut or sesame seeds. 

Place the fruit and nuts into a food processor until it starts to form into a ball, add the coconut oil (or your chosen ingredient) until everything is combined together. Roll into small balls and cover with your chosen toppings. 

Hazelnut and chocolate balls:
150g Hazelnuts
300g Dates
1 tablespoon peanut butter
1 tablespoon coconut oil
1 tablespoon cocoa powder

This one is a little sweeter and the combination of peanut butter and cocoa powder is supper yummy! Like the first recipe combine and process the dates and hazelnuts and then add the other ingredients.

Both need placing in the fridge to set and will keep for several days. They are perfect to snack at and like I said two of these leave me feeling full and not reaching for junk food! 

RHS Flower Show at Chatsworth

A couple of weeks ago now I went to the RHS Flower Show at Chatsworth, prior to this I had never been to a flower show, so I had no idea what to expect. The main reason why I went is because I didn’t have much else to do and Chatsworth is a place I have been wanting to go to for ages (although I did not get to see inside the house or gardens.) I went with my mum, aunt and grandma so it was a nice little family trip.
rhs flower show chatsworth

The weather however, was not on our side, we arrived to grey skies and a slight drizzle. The day before, many cars had ended up getting stuck in the mud due to the bad weather! Thankfully, that didn’t happen this time around. Prepared with rain coats and wellies we walked down to the entrance.

On entering we were greeted by many stores selling items for the garden, stores selling fudge, cheese and other food, clothes and more. I love these types of stalls; I more than likely could have spent hours alone wondering around these.
rhs flower show chatsworth

rhs flower show chatsworth
Most of the flowers were under several large marquees, each one filled to the brim with colourful and beautiful flowers, my favourite being the Himalayan blue poppies and the bonsai trees. I love Bonsai trees; I have had several in the past but I am so bad at keeping them alive.
Another part I liked were the displays that encourages you to grow your own herbs/food. Each plant was filled with so much aroma, my favourite being lemon. This is something I would love to do in my own garden one day. There was also this huge dome, inside it was filled with trees and exotic plants.

The main part of the show is to look at award winning garden designs, we crossed a bridge which was almost like walking through a portal to a fairy-tale world. The bridge was decorated in such a beautiful and dreamy manner, with jam jars and parrots, woven flowers and vines. It was gorgeous.  

The gardens themselves were very different, some were modern, whilst others were rustic but all were impressive. I liked the more rustic and wild ones.
We had booked into afternoon tea at three, and well it wasn’t the most organised event. I feel for the staff because they worked so hard and none of it the commotion was on them. The event had overbooked, so everything was rushed, we didn’t get what we paid for (although we did get a full refund) however, the food was good and I could eat sandwiches and cake all day. The sun finally appeared in the afternoon and we spent the last hours walking around the rest of the stalls.

It was an interesting day, and I was exhausted by the end of it. Have you ever been to a flower show before?

Father's day with Snapfish*

Snapfish is one of my favourite sites for ordering photographs and customised items from, they are always up to such a high standard. When they got in touch with me asking if I would like to customise some items for Father's day I instantly said yes. 

Now, my Dad is quite hard to buy gifts for him and will either be vocal on whether he likes a gift or says nothing at all. I had to think quite hard on what to purchase but I also knew I wanted to do a DIY gift idea using photographs. 
snapfish fathers day
I ended up buying a mug, mainly because it is practical and I know my Dad would actually use it. I wanted to keep the design simple, because I wasn't sure if my Dad would appreciate a mug with a photograph on (and also because I barely have any photos of my dad that are digital.) I also kept it simple, so people can see that a customised mug does not have to be all about the pictures it can be something simple as writing. I chose to put 'Dad's work mug' on this one so he can take it into work without it standing out too much. I love the font, and the little doodle heart and I was so impressed with the mug when I opened it. I have given this to my dad already and he was pretty impressed with it himself. What do you think, do you like the simple look or would you prefer to have had photographs?

My second idea was about showcasing someones memories, so I picked the theme of travel and created a fun DIY which I feel would make a perfect gift for not only fathers but mothers, friends, family etc.  This one is based about visiting America and marking off all the states visited with pictures. For this, I found a blank state map of America and printed it off in poster size. You will also need photographs, glue, scissors, blue tact, coloured/patterned/blank paper, a pen and pencil. 
The first steps are too simply write in the states, then trace round the shape onto blank pieces of paper. 
The next step is to select the images and coloured paper you want to use, and begin to trace and cut out the shapes. I used glue for the photographs and then blue tact for the coloured paper so it can be removed and replaced when needed. 
diy american map
Stick everything into place. You don't have to use coloured paper in the states you haven't visited, I just thought it made the overall poster look a lot more colourful. (This one is for me, the one I am making for my Dad isn't quite finished yet.)

Do you like this idea? Is this something you would make? Let me know your thoughts! Head over to snapfish to purchase your Father's day gifts now!!

*I was given £25 to spend on snapfish in exchange for ideas/gifts designed for Father's day.

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