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Once upon a time I was sent some vegan beauty products to review (at the start of the year...) Being a 'bad' blogger and life getting in the way I never got around to writing that post, until now! The truth is, even today with our amazing science and technology there are still so many companies that are testing on animals, which is incredibly sad. Over the last couple of years I have become really interested in the beauty, household products etc. that I buy. I check the ingredients, are they vegetarian/vegan? I have an app on my phone to scan items to see if they are cruelty free. It is something that is incredibly important to me and I think if anything we should start paying more attention to the items we are buying and the impact it can have on animals or the environment. I was sent several products to try from various companies. 

jojoba oil company review

The Jojoba company is a cruelty, dairy and gluten free company whose philosophy is to be pure and natural whilst being kind to the earth. They are an Australian company, who grow the Jojoba fruit on a plantation in Yenda which is based on being as sustainable as possible.  First of all, I really adore the packaging of this product. I love the elegant box, the glass bottle with a pipette and glossy pink colour. It is definitely a product that would catch my eye in a shop. The jojoba and rosehip oil used in this product work together to get deep into the skin to provide hydration, anti-oxidants and vitamins. This product is great for scars and stretch marks and be used pretty much all over for smooth, nourish and radiant skin. I mainly used this product at night so it could get work whilst I was sleeping, in the morning I always woke up with softer and smoother skin. After using this product for a month, I started to notice more differences to my skin. My skin was clearer, I wasn't breaking out as much as I used to, the appearance of my scars were fainter. My skin just looked a lot healthier and brighter, I was really pleased with this product and I was pretty sad when I ran out but it is something I will be purchasing again at some point. 

embryolisse review
Embryolisse is a brand that I have used several products from now and I have always been pleased with the results. Embryolisse take pride in being a prestige brand and was developed in 1950 from a dermatologist in an Parisian hospital, it is a brand that has been listed by pharmacies for over 65 years and has become a favourite brand to use backstage. This is another product that I would use only at night unless I had a day off sat at home, then I would apply it in the morning. Upon application the skin is meant to instantly look plumper and smoother, well I am not sure about plumper but my skin did look immediately smoother. It contains hyaluronic acid which saturates the skin with water to redefine it, with oat extracted natural sugars to lift the face leaving skin looking smoother and fine lines to appear less visible. The product contains mother of pearl pigments and the colour of the products does look like tiny little pearls. The helps give the skin a natural blur and enlightens the skin to provide radiance. This effect really worked on my skin, whilst making it look so much brighter and radiant. The gel sinks into the face super quick and I am really impressed with the results, I still have some of this product left and it is something I use everyday. 

10 in 1 Multi-benefit hair masque - Shea Moisture
she moisture review

Shea moisture is a brand I have walked past so many times but never thought to pick up and try. Shea moisture was started by a woman named Sofi Tucker who started selling shea nuts at a market in Bonthe, Sierra Leone in 1912, she sold skin and hair products all over the countryside the rest as they say is history. Shea moisture have ethical standards and leave out harmful ingredients such as DEA, parabens, propylene etc. They are a natural and organic brand who have tested their products on four generations and never on animals! Like I have said before this is a company I have noticed in shops and that is mainly down to their colourful and eye-catching packaging, the products are also at an affordable price so they are a company I will buy products from. This an intensive antioxidant-rich treatment that helps to perfect and renew vibrancy to brittle and lackluster hair, which pretty much sums up my hair! It treats damaged hair while providing anti-aging benefits, colour protection, hydration and nourishment among other things. When I was using this product I left it on for around 5-10 minutes, I do have slightly mixed feeling about the product, on some days when I used it would do pretty much everything it claimed to do, my hair would be softer, shiny and look so much healthier whereas on other days it didn't really have much of an impact. I have no idea why that is... but overall I did enjoy using the product and it is nice to treat your hair and scalp with an hair masque every once in a while even if you can't see the results all the time. 

know cosmetics no bleeding lips

Know Cosmetics is not a brand I had heard of before being sent this brand, I can't really seem to find much information about the brand on their website but they seem to be an American brand. This product is a clear lip liner pencil that prevents lipsticks and gloss from bleeding and feathering and aims to create a sheer defined lip shape. Personally, I didn't really notice much of a difference to my lips whether I put this on underneath lipstick or gloss, the only difference I noticed that this made my lips feel conditioned and much softer and that is really about it. It is not something I would purchase myself but I am interested to know if anyone else has used any of their other products?

Overall, I am really impressed with the majority of the products I have been sent and I hope it might open some peoples eyes to the variety of cruelty free and vegan products there are out there. 

Let me know your favourite cruelty free and vegan/vegetarian brands in the comments below. 

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