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Last year, I studied animal nutrition and I learnt A LOT! Let me ask you this, do you look at the ingredients on your dogs food? If not, go and have a look at the first ingredient if the first ingredient isn't meat or is animal derivatives then more than likely it has less nutritional value for your dog. The first ingredient should always be meat and not of the derivatives kind! My parents used to feed our dogs food which was made up of derivatives and other things, and after switching to meat as the first ingredient there was a big difference in their feces, it went from diarrhea to solid (yes, it sounds pretty gross but looking at their feces is key way to see if your dog is healthy and if they are getting along with their food.) The year we have really been investing in good quality food to make sure our dogs are getting the best food full of nutritional value and meeting their needs. is an online service, who truly believe that a tailor made diet provides optimised nutrition meaning a happier and healthier dog because all dogs are different and their food should be to. You can read all about the ingredients they use in their products here

I have two boxer dogs, however one is a senior and the other has recently turned one so there nutritional needs are very different for their life stages. Tails is such an easy website to use, you make a profile for your dogs and enter their breed, gender, if they are neutered or not, age, weight, how much exercise they get, taste preference, if they have any existing health issues and lastly any ingredients you do not want included in your dogs food. They then use this information to calculate the exact nutritional requirements to hand blend a selection of high quality kibbles to create an optimised balance of nutrients for your dogs. The food arrived fairly quickly, and it is set up as a monthly subscription which can be paused at any time. 

tails dog food review

tails dog food review
On arrival, you get a booklet that goes through how much you need to feed your dog per day, what the food has been optimised for, along with the list of ingredients in the kibble. Kye's food was aimed more at mental development, growth and strong immune system whereas Alfie's was aimed more at healthy skin and coat, dental care and energy. The kibble comes with a scoop, which you set up yourself and align with the setting that has been designated to your dog.  
tails dog food review

tails dog food review
I am really happy with my order, I love that the kibble and scoop comes with the names of the dogs on them. The dogs seem pretty happy with their food and I have seen no signs of upset from them with a change of food. They still have one bag of kibble left each but once that is eaten we will be ordering some more and trying out the wet food and treats! 

If you would like to try some food from tails then you can use this code to get two weeks free with £1 delivery. 

Here is a picture of them with their own bags (we got sent two bags each, costing just over £50) Let me tell you now, trying to get your dogs to pose for a photo is incredibly hard. They kept walking away, would not sit etc. I am afraid this is this best I/them could do. 

*This product was sent to me for reviewing purposes, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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