It has been ages since I have had the time to really craft and make something; I had the idea of making cement pots last year, buying all the materials I would need and even making a tester pot to see if it would work. I ended up making the pots a couple of months ago but wanted some cactus to plant in them so avoided writing up the post until I felt they were finished. So today my mum finally found some cactus and I think they look quite pretty in their pastel, vintage colour pots. If you would like to make your own read on. 
cement planters diy


Do you remember when you were a child and you used to think that anyone above twenty was an adult; then you get to that age and the next minute you are almost thirty (well in four years time) yet you still do not feel like an adult at all and still feel like that child thinking about what it is like to be grown up. That is how I feel. I am twenty six and still live at home, if you had told me this when I was sixteen I more than likely would have laughed, I had big dreams of moving out as soon as I turned eighteen, my own house, all independent. The reality? I can't even begin to imagine ever being able to afford my own house, right now I don't think I could even get by renting somewhere (although I will be moving out in September due to going to University, which without a student loan I would not be able to afford.)

For me, something that I really hate about living at home is the lack of feeling independent, I feel stuck somewhere in-between being a child and an adult. I want to feel in charge of my life, to be able to make my own life choices without being frowned upon, to not always have to explain my actions. Living at home you always have your family watching over you, analysing the mistakes you make, there are things in your life that you might not always want to share with your family, to keep it to yourself, living at home that isn’t always possible. Every time I go out I am met with questions: Who are you going out with? Who are they? Where do I know them from? The list goes on, I know on part this is a way of my family showing an interest and that they care but it would also be nice to leave the house without having to answer to someone. God forbid, I mention a male name, conclusions are jumped to and I have to explain that yes females and males can be just friends.


Sugru is a brand I discovered a couple of years ago when they kindly sent me some to sample, which I ended up using to create this Japanese inspired bookmark. (Apologise for the photo quality, I still suffering from broken images on many posts and others looking very blurry.) 

If you haven't heard of Sugru before, it is a rubber/mouldable glue designed for fixing, making and improving existing products. You can find out more here. Sugru are ready to launch a create and craft kit which will be available from Sugru from the 1st May, retailing at £10. The product is aimed at both seasoned and first time crafters. sugru create and craft
The product comes neatly packaged in a little box which tells you all about Sugru, what it is, ways to use it etc. The kit itself comes with four single use packets of Sugru, a storage tin, a thimble thumb grip, a texturised brush and booklet filled with craft and DIY ideas. 

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