The majority of us may have heard of Dame Joan Collins’s, but some of you may be unaware as was I that she has her own beauty collection, entitled Timeless Beauty. Launched as an international luxury beauty brand, created with ‘love and careful consideration’ by Dame Joan Collins and her team of experts. The timeless beauty collection is designed to help you look and feel great, no matter what age you are.

Joan’s tips for looking festively fabulous.
1.       The sun may be disappearing but protect your skin all year round by using a foundation with SPF.
2.       Always remember to eat a balanced diet. Avocados are great for both inside and out.
3.       Make your lipstick last longer whilst sipping cocktails by blotting your lips after application.
4.       Take yourself from desk to dancefloor and feel glamorous, sexy and confident by wearing a bright and bold lipstick.
5.       Always remove your makeup at night with a deep cleanse and finish with a good overnight moisturiser.
6.       A good base is the secret to amazing makeup and disguises aging.
7.       Blending makeup with good quality brushes is vital if you want your makeup to look its best for the camera.
8.       For a sultry, smoky eye look for the office party; double up your brow pencil by using it as an eyeliner and smudging it across the lids.
9.       Clutch bags are limited for space, so use a lipstick as a blusher and blend it out onto the apples of your cheeks.
10.   Tired looking eyes? Soak some cotton wool pads in a bowl of ice and place onto your eyes to refreshen and reduce puffiness.

Her tricks of the trade and insider secrets have helped create her beauty brand, creating a collection that is designed to be timeless and wearable. To kick things of Joan Collins beauty have released two new products for Autumn/Winter.
joan collins timeless beauty

The first new product is the ‘Teneffects skin treat and makeup fixer’ which promises ten skin benefits whilst locking in makeup with just one spritz, a multipurpose product use it before makeup to help with all kinds of skin issues. It uses 7 natural ingredients to rejuvenate, calm, minimise pores and soothe irritation.

I was excited to use this product, I have been wanting to try a setting product for the longest of times because no matter what my foundation seems to rub of during the day, and trying not to touch your face with makeup that falls of easily is hard. The spray itself is refreshing and light with a subtle rose scent, however unfortunately for me I found using this product over my makeup made my foundation/face appear shiny without any effect on long lastingness of my makeup. Since the product is multipurpose I then switched to using it before I went to bed and under my makeup instead of over it. If it is due to this product or not, over the last month I do see a difference in the appearance of my pores and skin, my skin appearing slightly brighter and clearer, the use of this under my makeup has made the wear last a little longer.
joan collins timeless beauty

The second product is the ‘Dry Oilbody polish’ made from a blend of Himalayan salts, three plant oils and kiwi seeds. The high mineral contents and source of vitamin C help the skin look younger and vibrant whilst ingredients such as olive and avocado help hydrate the skin. Presented in a glass pot the product instantly feels luxurious.

I really like this product, a small amount goes along way and it delivers in giving me smooth and silky skin. The only problem it can sting a little in sore areas but other than that it excels it removing dead skin, perfect to use before wearing a dress to the Christmas party.  

Have you tried anything from the Joan Collins beauty collection, let me know your thoughts. 

*These products were sent to me for reviewing purposes, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 


When it comes to beauty I wouldn’t say I follow a routine, lately my skin has been needed some TLC, lack of sleep, stress and other factors has caused havoc on my skin. In these times I like to give my skin a little bit more attention and turn to facemasks. Masks are designed to be more potent than day or night creams and are designed to make a big difference to the skin.

I have been very lucky to have been able to test out a number of products from Amphora Aromatics AA skincare range and Ooharr range. Today I want to talk about two new cream masks from Ooharr, I loved their deep cleansing clay masks which you can read more about here. Cream masks are meant to be exceptionally good in colder weather especially when your skin can get drier.

“Our new Ooharr cream masks are formulated to detox and clean skin, without stripping out moisture  helping to both treat and prevent spot breakouts.  The range is perfect for young adults, looking for effective and fun to use natural treatment masks for quick and easy at-home facials, rather than synthetic solutions.  The brand has a bright, young and fun personality with zany packaging inspired by Andy Warhol’s imagery. “
Woody Evans, Director at Amphora Aromatics

ooharr face mask review

Juicy BurstContaining ingredients such as sunflower oil which is high in vitamin E to lock in moisture and keep skin feeling soft, along with antioxidant filled cucumber to rejuvenate tired skin and reduce puffiness.  This mask is the perfect pick me up, it nourishes the skin, cleanses and helps improve texture, whilst leaving the skin feel fresh and clean. I loved the scent of this one, like a whole orange in a little sachet. Out of the two this one was my favourite, it left my skin feeling soft and supple. Note to self, don’t get in the bath whilst using a facemask if you know you have a parcel being delivered, because it will always arrive whilst you are trying to relax, it is not a good look to greet the postman with!  
Fruity Magic With ingredients such as squalene a natural antioxidant which helps soothe skin damage and green tea extract to tone and brighten the complexion, this mask is perfect for those who are suffering from congested skin. This facemask did help calm my skin and reduce redness but I really didn’t like the scent of this one in comparison to Juicy Burst.

Overall, I am really impressed with these face masks, they have a thick and creamy consistency which leaves the skin soft whilst being easy to wash off. The retro packaging is something I adore and adds a little bit of fun. Although designed to be a one use sachet, it is a generous amount and I can easily squeeze another mask out of it. 

Have you tried any Ooharr product yet?

These face masks were sent to me for reviewing purposes, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


Today was our last full day in Hawaii, with early flights in the morning. I really wish I had more time on Oahu, there was so much more and I wanted to see and do but I guess that gives me an excuse to go back one day and visit the rest of the islands! I’m actually sat on my bed right now thinking to myself ‘I’ve actually been to Hawaii, how crazy is that’ Strange that it has been nearly four months since I got back and it still doesn’t feel real and yes I am a terrible blogger… but you know life!

Due to our lack of time and wanting to see as much as Oahu as insanely possible in one day we had booked onto a Pearl Harbour and Circle island tour with Hoku Hawaiian tours prior to coming to the islands. If you go onto the link and spot the guy on the far left, he was our tour guide, I feel bad because I can’t recall his name but he was awesome, so friendly and getting the whole van of people to bond and laugh.

The tour starts fairly early in the morning, but includes pick up from your hotel, we got picked up around 6:30am. The first stop is Pearl Harbour, which if you do plan on going I believe you need to purchase tickets beforehand and the que to get in gets long so quickly, hence the early start. Now of course I have heard of Pearl Harbour prior to going to Hawaii and I knew I couldn’t go to Oahu and not got to Pearl Harbour but I was also ignorant to the events that actually took place here, I didn’t know and I never read into it.

‘On December 7th, 1941, a date which will live in infamy, hundreds of Japanese planes attacked Pearl Harbour and the Island of Oahu, Hawaii. The devastating surprise attack killed 2,403 and wounded over 1,000. It marked USA’s entrance into WWII. While the ships were still burning, patriots from across our country enlisted to fight back.(Pearl Harbour Memorials)

We did the audio tour and looked around several different museums and locations whilst being provided with lots of information about Pearl Harbour, the people and much more. We had been given a time to watch a short historic film about Pearl Harbour before being taken out to the USS Arizona war memorial. Honestly, the whole experience opened my eyes, not knowing beforehand made me feel pain and sorrow, there was points I actually felt my eyes welling up with tears, I wasn’t expecting that to happen at all, maybe it was the sombre mood and the respect everyone withheld.

Looking out onto the sunken Arizona battleship, it is really hard to convey what I was feeling, looking at this ship which is a graveyard to so many men who lost their lives that day it is just so hard to imagine the fear and pain of it all. Even through the bleakness of it all you can find beauty in its strangest forms, oil still continues to leak from the ship forming patches in the water, creating rainbows, with others claiming to have seen faces taking shape in the oil, they’ve been given the name the tears (or black tears) of Arizona.

Going to see Pearl Harbour touched on me in a way I didn’t think it would, if you ever go to Hawaii then I do believe you must come here.

So who likes pineapples? When I am in England for some reason I never seem to eat fruit, mainly sticking to apples and grapes, but when I go away it is all I eat. I had so much pineapple on this trip and out next stop was the historical Dole Pineapple Plantation. There is actually so much to do here, from mazes to workshops. A lot of people still don’t seem to know that pineapples grow on plants, it looks strange, pineapples are also so prickly which I found out when I caught my leg on one! 

So our group took a train tour around the plantation seeing all kinds of things being grown from coffee to bananas, and it was fascinating learning about the history of the plantation.

Once the ride was over we decided to get some whippy style pineapple flavoured ice cream, which sounds good but my parents left me on my own, so I ended up carrying three cones in blistering heat back to the van which were slowly melting all over my hands. I got sticky very quick but the ice cream was so refreshing.

For lunch (which is included in the cost of the tour) we ate at the Polynesian Cultural Centre, being a vegetarian I can’t exactly say my meal was the nicest. I had a salad which had green leaves, but also had fruit on there such as strawberries, topped with cheese… the whole combination of the different ingredients did not taste good! The centre explores six pacific cultures which you can experience from music to games. 

It would have been great to have spent more time here, we did however take a canoe ride, it was a sunny day so it felt so relaxing just to drift around on a boat for a while, listening to a guy briefly talk about different cultures. It was fun and at the time I didn’t realise it was included in the tour so it was a nice surprise!

A highlight for me on this tour was seeing Kaaawa Valley which has been famously used for so many different films and tv shows including that of Jurassic Park and Lost. It is the valley I picture in my head when I hear Hawaii, I got such a giddy feeling in my stomach and my day was made! Maybe you recognise it? 

Close to the valley we stopped off at a Macadamia nut farm outlet to look around the gift shop and sample some nuts and coffee. These Macadamia nuts are without a doubt the tastiest nuts I have ever eaten in my life, coming in all kinds of flavours, I went round several times picking up samples, my mouth is watering just thinking about them now.

Nuuana Pali lookout point overlooks the 985 foot cliffs of the Koolau Mountain Range. It offers some incredible and beautiful views. I could have stayed looking out of the mountain range forever, it was almost too perfect, nature is truly beautiful. The wind up here was pretty strong and apparently get can so much worse! On the drive back down I also spotted a wild hog with some piglets, so adorable!

The whole tour included a lot of look out points and beaches but it is terrible of me because I can’t recall the names of all of them and which order we visited them in. The last two however I can recall their names, they were simple and beautiful places to admire the scenery.

The first one was the Halona blow out point, thankfully the ocean was being kind to us and we got to see sprays of ocean shoot out of this hole several times. The blow out point is located next to a secluded beach which was used to film the scene a kissing scene from 50 first dates, we also drove past the sea life centre that was used for the film, also the road where Adam Sandler’s character tried to stop Drew Barrymore’s character in the car several times. I really enjoyed seeing a number of filming locations around the island, I would have loved to have done one of those tours to go see a few more but I’m glad this tour got to include a few.

Our second to last stop (the last being the Diamond Head crater lookout which I stayed in the van for) was the Hanauma Bay, which is a marine embayment formed with volcanic rock, it’s a great location for snorkelling, however due to overuse the bay have suffered slightly so you have to pay a fee to use the beach. It is a stunning location and not overcrowded.

Overall the tour was incredible and well worth the money, we got to see so much of the island in such a short space of time. The end time of the tour was around 5:30pm so it is a long day and we started to panic a little since we had a dinner show booked and was worried we wouldn’t be allowed in. Then when we did get to the hotel to get changed our key locks wouldn’t let us in the room, it was very stressful and I probably did get irritated over nothing, we got into the show just fine. Why do they always put if you are late you will be denied entry on the tickets if it isn’t true?!?

The dinner show we went to see was called the Magic of Polynesia, we had the deluxe dinner which came with a free cocktail, I got one that was named after a Volcano and it was delicious, along with the food being pretty amazing. The show stars John Hirokawa, and is complete with death-defying magic, fire dancing and lots of cultural dance. I really enjoyed the show, the host was engaging, funny and kept us all in the palm of his hands. I love watching magic tricks and trying to figure out how on earth they do it all. We weren’t allowed to take any photos inside but my favourite part which closed the show was Hirokawa performing a trick where he turns paper into snow, the lights go out then come back on with ‘snow’ falling from every direction you look, it reminded me of the scene in Edward Sciccorshands it was beautiful.

I had such an amazing, wonderful time in Hawaii, it is such a beautiful country and I do hope I get to go back one day. 

Honolulu, O'ahu, Hawaii!

honolulu hawaii
The flight last night was so quick, by the time we got to the hotel (we stayed at the Pacific beach hotel) I was flat out. I had a quick shower and it felt so good to feel clean then to climb into a comfy double bed. Waking up in the morning I opened up the curtains to a view of the Diamond Head crater and as much as I loved the big island, Honolulu felt exactly how I imagined Hawaii to be.

We only had two days in Honolulu and since we had something planned for one of our days this was our only free day and we wanted to fit as much in as possible, yet we didn’t really know what to do at first. We had breakfast in the hotel before heading out, we took a walk down the beach front following historical pointers along the way before we lost the trail.
honolulu hawaii

Still lost in thought on what to do in such a short space of time we headed for the zoo, it might not be on every ones list of things to do in Honolulu but I enjoyed it. The zoo was fairly large and for some reason it seem to take forever to come across any animals at all but we found them in the end ranging from giraffes, tigers, monkeys to goats! I loved watching the elephants one of them was playing in the pool and flopped into it fully emerging himself before climbing out and giving himself a dust bath. The zoo is also home to a cheetah, for some reason there were lot of birds inside this particular enclosure so I got to witness the full speed of the cheetah as it began a pursuit for a peacock, thankfully peacocks fly and it escaped into a tree (I didn’t even know they could fly…) As always when I go to zoo’s I try and access the situation, I’m not a fan of animals being in cages but it is always important to understand what zoo’s do for example raise awareness, conservation and much more and as far as I could see these animals seemed looked after.

Since we were in Honolulu we decided that we have to do the Diamond State head monument hike, so after finding out what busses we needed to catch of we went. We arrived at 4pm and I read somewhere online the hike takes roughly two hours. The walk up to the entrance was hard in itself it was so HOT! To describe the hike it was a gentle slope that at times offered shade from the heat, it also contained steep steps that about killed me off, the first few lead into a tunnel and on the other side there are more!
diamond head state park
At the time we didn’t know this but you can actually turn left at this point and skipped these steps out, but you know if you are there you might as well climb up the steps since it takes you into a bunker with a spiralling staircase. This takes you out to the observation deck and the views were breath taking! For some reason though I wanted to do the hike to look inside the crater and did not realised the hike is inside the crater and I had just walked through it… A bit of a not so smart moment right there. It was a beautiful hike and despite the steps it is a fairly easy one, although make sure you take water since you can only refill your bottle at the entrance, it took us an hour to complete the hike.

In the evening we decided to go shopping, mainly because my brother wanted us to find some trainers which turned out wasn’t even out in Hawaii, but the shopping mall was huge so we picked some gifts us for my dog mainly…

At night I took a walk down to the beach so I could have a quick paddle at night, and ended up bumping into one of my fellow trekkers! 

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