Last year you may recall I took part in the Caribbean food week with grace foods, when they asked me if I would like to come up with some ideas this year I of course said yes. I had so much fun experimenting with Caribbean flavours I couldn't wait to do it again, only this time the idea was buffet/street food. 

caribbean food week grace foods

Again I was sent a hamper full of food and drink, there were a few of the same ingredients from last year as well as a few extra. The hamper also included an inflatable palm tree, some hats, party poppers and a little beach chair. (Before I had chance to take a photo a few of these things disappeared...) 

I really enjoyed using the spices last year so again I wanted those to be the main components used for flavouring, so here is what I decided to make:

caribbean food week grace foods

Me and my sister are vegetarians, my brother and mum aren't so obviously I made two types of skewers, from the hamper I used the jerk seasoning, the tropical seasoning and all purpose seasoning.

To make you will need:
One tablespoon jerk seasoning, one teaspoon of tropical and all purpose seasoning, chicken or quorn, vegetables of your choice (I used courgettes and peppers) skewers and a BBQ or grill to cook on. 

Firstly marinate your chicken/quorn with the seasonings and leave for up to two hours, this works best with meat since the flavouring tends to soak into the meat whereas it doesn't with quorn. Once the chicken/quorn has been marinated for enough time, cut up your vegetables into reasonably sized chunks for the skewers. The fun part (well I think so) making the skewers, once done grill/BBQ until cooked. 

caribbean food week grace foods

For the potato wedges you will need red skinned potatoes, butter and seasoning, from the hamper I used the tropical and all purpose seasoning. Begin by cutting the potatoes into wedge shaped pieces and boil in salted water for around 5 minutes. Whilst boiling preheat the oven to 180 degrees and begin to melt a tablespoon of butter on the hob. Once the butter is melted add your seasonings, drain the wedges from the water they should have slightly softened and mix with the butter and seasoning, once all the wedges have been coated place on a tray and bake for 20-30 minutes 

To make the curry from the hamper I used coconut milk, callaloo, the cock soup along with the seasonings and curry powder. 

You will need:
One tin coconut milk
One tin calloloo
A packet of cock soup
A garlic clove
Butternut squash
Your seasonings and curry powder, quantities of your choice, I like my food hot and spicy. 
Water (Optional)

To make firstly begin by heating up the oil and then add the garlic, add the coconut milk followed by all the other ingredients, the sauce may thicken so you may want to add water. Cook until the butternut squash is soft (30 minutes) 

Have you made or tried any Caribbean food before, let me know what your favourites are? You can find all of the following ingredients on Grace Foods

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