Review - Trek protein bars with natural balance foods*

natural balance foods trek
Natural balance foods is a website offering healthy, vegan and nutritious snacks to eat on the go, as breakfast or as part of your lunch. I was kindly sent a box of trek protein bars (16 pack box for £15.95) which included the flavours of cocoa oat, oat raisin, cocoa coconut, original oat, morning berry and banana bread. Trek bars are something I have spotted in shops and purchased before, this is due to them being 100% whole food, with no added sugar or gluten. I am impressed with the wide range of flavours they have on offer. 
natural balance foods trek

I really like these bars and even though they are protein bars it doesn't mean you have to exercise or go to the gym to eat them, they are a great way to provide protein in your diet as well as providing energy. There bars taste quite sweet which is surprising since their sugar content is low and only have natural sugars in the product, with oat products you can expect them to taste a bit dry and bland but these are so nourishing. They are slightly crumbly but that is one tiny fault!  My favourite flavours have to be cocoa coconut and the banana bread, they were yummy! My mum also ended up loving these and raided the cupboard every day for one! 

Overall, they are a great healthy snack and they are something I often purchase on lunch breaks although I do feel buying a box of 16 is a better investment!

Have you heard of trek bars before, let me know your thoughts. 

A day trip to Warwick castle - Warwick castle birds of prey display

If you know me, you'll know I am fascinated by anything to do with animals. When I was at Warwick Castle I was excited to see a birds of prey display, we ended up missing the first showing because we were booked into the dungeons but thankfully they run two a day so we waited until three o'clock. I was a bit should we wait or not because I did want to explore more of Warwick before we had to go home, but we waited and I'm so glad we did! 

Anyway before we watched the show we headed up the the birds of prey area to have a look at all the birds they have which included crowned eagle, bald eagle, grey eagle buzzard, Egyptian vulture, verreaux's eagle owl and a white backed vulture. The Egyptian vulture did capture my heart a little with his pointy out feathers.

A day trip to Warwick - Warwick castle and Dungeon

August's day trip led us to Warwick, to see the famous Warwick castle. After a delayed train which set the day back we thankfully arrived in Warwick to a nice, sunny day. The train station is about a 15-20 minutes walk away from the castle and main centre of Warwick. but the walk is through beautiful historic streets! We bought our tickets online which offer a discount and gets rid of the hassle of queuing for tickets when you are there.  

I haven't been too many castles and the on local to me is Nottingham castle which is really small in comparison.  Warwick castle is HUGE so I was pretty impressed with it. There is so much to do you could spend your entire day there and not get bored. The first place we came across was the Victorian rose gardens and ice houses. The garden is pretty to walk around and slightly hidden away from everything else. The ice houses is as you may have gathered from the name is where they stored ice, you can walk down to see the area which is really deep and of course cold! 

Review - Bouffe Dry hair spray*

I'm one of these people who think hair can make or break an outfit, my hair always fails in doing what I want it to do. I also have very flat, thin hair and I've tried everything to give it a bit of volume from curlers, back-combing, drying my hair upside down etc. When I do get a little bit of volume I put hairspray on it hoping it will hold but it will always fall flat no matter what! 

The Bouffe thickening hair spray (£5.99, 200ml) which comes in different shades, my hair being dark brown. The bouffant hairstyle was allegedly created for Marie Antoinette by her hairdresser who had relatively thin hair and wanted thicker locks.  This product aims to boost roots and maximize volume.
bouffe dry hair spray

The bottle has to be shaken before use and left to set for a couple of seconds before styling. The colour matched my hair perfectly, although do be careful to avoid any splatter on to your face!! The product did give my hair more volume and bounce which I was very happy about. The volume lasted throughout the night/day whenever I used it. Although the product does do exactly what it says it will there were a few things I didn't like. The product is meant to feel weightless, offering texture to the hair, however I could feel this in my hair and it made my hair feel horrible! I hated touching my hair when I had this in, it also made my hair very hard to brush through. The product washes out with shampoo, and you can see it washing away in the water. It was easy to remove but I did shampoo my hair several times just to make sure it was all washed out. 

Has anyone else used this product before? Let me know what you thought or share any hair boosting tips below! 

The Little Things

My friend bought me some holiday gifts from Portugal, a new minion (yes I have a strange addiction) and other cute things, I love the little hand-painted Owl. 
I was also gifted this beautiful, handmade Rabbit, isn't she adorable? It was bought on etsy from a shop called lilyceramic who makes beautiful ceramic pieces from animals to necklaces. 

Whenever I am given flowers, I always take one or two of them and press them between pages of books. I don't know why but I like the idea of having them 'forever.'
I've had my sewing machine for almost two years and I've barely used it, the thought of using it scares me a little. Things going wrong, getting stressed out etc. However, the other day I finally made time to have a go on it, using a project from a past crafty creatives box. I was enjoying myself and then I ran out of the white thread I was using, typical.

What little things have made your week?

Review - silk fibre brow enhancer*

silk fibre brow enhancer review
Eyebrows help frame and shape your face, for me my eyes and my eyebrows are important features when it comes to make up application. The silk fibre brow enhancer (£19.99 from boots) is an instant brush on brow extension for thicker and fuller brows. It works by sculpting the eyebrows with tiny fibres. It comes in four colours, light, medium, dark and very dark (I opted for dark.) The powder takes 60 seconds to set and the four gram bottle is meant to last for around 120 applications.
silk fibre brow enhancer review

The product comes with a doe foot applicator wand screwed into a pot, the product is easy to use by starting at the bridge of your nose moving towards the arch of your eyebrow and turning the applicator on its side for thinner parts of the brow. The applicator does lack precision and might not be good for those who have thinner eyebrows. The dark colour I chose matched my eyebrows perfectly. 
silk fibre brow enhancer review

Since the product itself is a powder I did have a problem with this, the product goes everywhere! When you take it out there is spillage so a few taps before applying is recommended, however even after I had tapped away any excess I still had some landing on my face so I would suggest applying this before foundation etc.  At the end of the day the product is easy to remove with some hot water or wipe. 

The product does do as it says, it gave me thicker and fuller brows, however I don't see it achieving more than what a eyebrow pencil or shadow can do. Saying that though I do think it is a product I would consider buying again.

Let me know what you think! 

Review - Keep me going breakfast cereal*

I'm one of those people who has to eat something before they leave the house for work, college etc. If not my belly will be moaning away at me wishing to be fed! My breakfast of choosing for most days because it's quick and easy has to be cereal. Cereal is always labelled as being quite a healthy product, low in fat and will keep you fuller for longer etc. However when you look at cereal you will see that most of them are quite high in sugar and salt, and for me personally it never leaves me feeling full for very long. 

Keep me going (£2.65) was created after Richard (the creator) noticed how much salt and sugar his children was consuming just from cereal and set out to to create his own low in sugar and salt, have nutritional benefits and a low GI, this proved to be a challenge and took two years to create. Made from wholegrain barley and oats it aims to keep you going until lunch time.  The product is aimed at the whole family and has trading cards and clues in the boxes for kids.
keep me going breakfast cereal

My thoughts, the cereal isn't the most exciting cereal to look, it looks exactly how you think barley and oats would look like packed into pillowcase shapes but it is appealing. The taste, I'm not sure how to describe this taste, its odd. At times I found it quite bland but on other occasions the taste reminded me of chocolate, either way the taste was not horrible in anyway (well I found them edible). I ate this cereal with milk but for a more sweeter taste you can mix this with other cereal or try it with yoghurt and fruit. So the main thing for me with cereal is the leaving you feeling fuller for longer part, I could only eat a small amount of this cereal at one time because it always filled me up which was a good thing, how long did that feeling last? To be honest it varied from day to day, sometimes I was fine, other times I was feeling a little peckish, however it did make me feel fuller for longer in comparison to other cereals I've eaten. Would I buy this cereal? I do think I would, its not the most exciting product but the purpose of the cereal is there to be healthier etc. 

What are your favourite ways to eat cereal? 

Handmade gifts with snapfish*

Photos capture a moment that hold so many feelings and emotions, they can take you back to the place the photo was taken, you can remember the scents, what the weather was like etc. photos make great gifts and combining them with a handmade item makes them a little more meaningful. Snapfish is an online printing service, as well as offering a wide range of photo gifts. (I've worked with them before here.

The photo prints service is really easy to use, upload photos, select sizes and opt got a matte or glossy finish. 

I had ideas on what I wanted to make so selected personal photos as well as images from the web. I still have a few more ideas for the photos but below are three photo/handmade gift ideas.

handmade photo gifts snapfish

handmade photo gifts snapfish
As you can see I opted for photos of globes/world maps as well as other things that peaked my interests, I opted for the matte look and overall the quality of the photos is great. 
handmade photo gifts snapfish
Firstly, using the personal images I decided to make a 'bunting' style photo frame (photos clipped onto string, metal etc. of your choosing.) I've had these photo squares (can be stall bought or cut out on card) stalled away for ages, so after selecting a few photos I cut and glued everything together. 
handmade photo gifts snapfish
handmade photo gifts snapfish
To hang the photos you can use anything from paperclips, pegs etc. You can decorate your photo hanger with items of your choosing, I put flowers at the end of mine. 

The next handmade item I made was photo bookmarks, using one of the larger images of a world map. 
handmade photo gifts snapfish

I really loved how these came out, I measured the length with a ruler so I could get three even sized bookmarks. I then punched a hole into the top and tied red lacy ribbon through it. 
handmade photo gifts snapfish

handmade photo gifts snapfish
Lastly, being a stationary lover I made a notebook. This time I used an image of Marie Antoinette but I could have also used a personal image. Now I made this one by cutting paper and hole-punching through everything but an easy alternative is buying a notebook, removing the cover and replacing it with your chosen photo. Trust me, not having a paper cutter and cutting paper equal with scissors is hard. 

Let me know what handmade gifts you would make with photos!

*I was gifted £40 credit to buy items from snapfish to use in creating handmade gifts, all thoughts and opinions on the product are my own.

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