The Little Things

I've most definitely jumped on the minion bandwagon, I love them, they are cute and adorable. I went to see the film the other day having no idea what to expect but hearing that it wasn't very good I kept my expectations low. Thankfully it was really good, it's one of those films that makes you laugh, a easy film you want to put on when you're feeling down. It was enjoyable. I also got a minion pillow, its nice and squishy and extremely cuddly. 

Last Sunday was my cousin's daughters christening, it was a beautiful and lovely day. I'm not a big fan of kids and holding babies but she is the cutest baby ever, and has a gorgeous name (Lucia Lily) with a mix of Italian, English and Indian she is going to be beautiful! It was nice catching up with family, putting on a pretty dress and enjoying a day off from work. Although I did end up with the biggest blister on my food, thanks to my sister giving me her 'comfy' shoes to wear.

Lastly, Aflie celebrated his seventh birthday. I know too some it might be silly celebrating dogs birthdays but since he lost his best friend this year we wanted to spoil him even more. I bought him lots of toys, my sister insisted on me buying a birthday hat so she could take photos, as well as getting him a birthday cookie especially for dogs. He has such a fun day and had no clue which toy he wanted play with first.

What little things have made your week?

A day trip to Cambridge - Fitzwilliam Museum and Sedgewick Museum of Earth sciences.

Honestly, we couldn't really find much to do in Cambridge other than visiting museums which doesn't bother me since I find them interesting but it is also nice to have a varied day! The last two museums we visited were the Fitzwilliam museum and the Sedgewick museum of earth sciences. 

The Fitzwilliam museum is a art and antiquities museum and home to artifacts from ancient Grease, Sudan, Rome, Egypt, applied arts such as pottery, porcelain, fans, furniture and more. There is really such a large variety of artifacts, which you can find out more about here

Review - Dermaflage dermal filler*

I've talked about my facial scars on my blog before, I've used products that have finally worked in reducing the appearance and redness but I do have scars that dip into the skin. These can still be seen with make up, and when the sun is shining on my face it is the first thing I notice. I've used products in the past that claim to smooth out the skin which haven't worked. 
Dermaflage dermal filler review

The dermaflage starter kit (£31.95) claims to be the first retail product to mask scars and blemishes. 

How does dermaflage help cover and hide scars and imperfections?
Dermaflage contains a blend of medical grade silicones, pigments and tiny coloured rayon fibres. When these are mixed together they form a safe silicone mask that looks like your skin.

Does it go with make up?
It works with or without make up, it is designed to go over make up, but it does state not to use with liquid foundation.

Whats inside the starter kit? 
Two tubes of dermaflage dermal filler in two shades.
Extended wear brush on primer.
Tools - mixing sticks, application tools, spatula and texture pad.
Full step by step instructions.
Dermaflage dermal filler review

My verdict? So the product states that the product does not go well with liquid foundation and best used with powder. I use liquid foundation and I'm not going to change a beauty routine I am happy with for this product, so this may have affected the results. Firstly, I used the product over my make up which didn't work at all it just lifted the liquid foundation off so I decided to use it under make up.

The first step is the primer, you apply this to the area you want to cover and the surrounding area. The primer forms a barrier to prevent loss of adhesion due to oily skin and perspiration. This should soak into the skin within a few seconds however for me the primer was oily and sticky, it just sat on my skin no matter how long I left it. 
Step two is applying the dermal filler, this can be applied with tools, your fingers or the screw on applicators. Once mixed together however the product dries really quick, the screw on applicators are pretty useless if you are covering a big area since the product dries inside and they become unusable. Instead I mixed it onto my hand then applied it to my skin, again I found this really sticky.

Once the dermal filler is applied the next step is pressing the texture pad onto the skin for thirty seconds, this lets the product dry to match you skin. Once this was done, I couldn't see much difference without make up. It does actually stay on the skin once you apply liquid foundation over the product, however it did like slightly lumpy in some areas. I could see a slight difference my scars did look less visible and skin smoother but I wasn't blown away. Wearing it throughout the day is really comfy.

Taking off the product is really easy, it peels off and looks just like skin. Overall though, I'm not entirely convinced by the product and I'm not sure it is something I would purchase myself. 

*This product was sent to me for reviewing purposes, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

A day trip to Cambridge - Punting

The one thing I had to do whilst in Cambridge was go punting, for those who might not know what punting is, it is a flat bottomed boat that is propelled by a long pole. Thankfully, at this point the rain had stopped and the sun was shining! It didn't take us long to find a punting point, and they will try and convince you to go punting (and I'm also sure all of the punting boys were attractive...) For two people it cost over £30 for a 45 minute ride, or you get rent your own boat.

Review - Kiss beautiful brow kit*

kiss beautiful brow kit review
I love my eyebrows, it's hard to imagine that I ever used to leave the house without filling them in. I love big, bold and beautiful brows (although they aren't to every ones taste!) I was really excited to try out this beautiful brow kit from Kiss (£8.99 from ASDA) which includes five easy steps to achieve beautiful brows, step one is choosing one of the four stencils that best match your eyebrows, step two shape your brow using the handy razor, step three select one of two shaded powders to fill in your brows, the shades can be mixed together to create a different shades. Step four apply wax to  keep pesky brows at bay and lastly define your brow bone with the highlighter.   
kiss beautiful brow kit review

kiss beautiful brow kit review
The kit is really easy to use, I actually filled in the stencil using an eyebrow pencil then coloured/shaped it using the brush/shade. The darker shade is perfect for my brows and I love the highlighter, it is such a stunning colour and really defines my brow bone.
kiss beautiful brow kit review

So these are the looks that each stencil created on my brows, every time I tired a new stencil I kept changing my mind on which one was my favourite. I think all of them look pretty amazing and I love the idea of matching my brows to my mood or the look i'm going for on the day. I am really impressed with this product, let me know what you think!

A day trip to Cambridge - University botanical garden, Scott polar research institute and whipple museum of history of science.

Continuing with going to different cities every month Cambridge was next on the list. Unlike previous trips, this time around we hadn't really planned to do anything, we jotted down a few museums and went wherever. 

The first place we came across was the University botanic garden, the garden is home to plants from all over the world, with 40 acres of beautiful gardens. The gardens can be viewed all year round. 

The garden has over 8000 species of plants and it is also home to wildlife such as birds, amphibians and more, they actively encourage animals to come here. The gardens are beautiful and I really enjoyed reading about the science of plants such as double and singles flowers. The gardens encourage you to explore with little hills and stepping stones, you can almost pretend that you are on some kind of adventure. If you are a student at Cambridge the gardens are free to enter, otherwise its £5 per person which is reasonably priced, the garden is huge you could happily wander around for hours.

My thoughts on hunting

Animal welfare is a subject close to my heart, I love animals and if anything want to be a voice for them. Today there are so many people who trophy hunt, here in the UK the government tried to bring back fox hunting. 

Killing an animal for sport is something I can never agree on, when I was on facebook the other day I was reading a post from a girl I used to know saying that she will continue to kill foxes as they are pests, and she is doing us all a favour by killing foxes and other animals, because she is helping maintain and protect the countryside and we should be thanking her. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but I can't help but think this girl is deluded....

I have no idea how someone can think a fox is damaging the countryside, for starters that's their home, their source of food and their environment. Are people angry at foxes because they eat food made for human consumption. If a fox breaks into a chickens coop and the chickens can't defend/protect themselves by running away so end up dead, which makes people angry, how is it any different from a person pointing a gun at fox who can't defend itself against a bullet? 

Then we have people who hunt/kill animals as part of a cull, we have people paying loads of money to hunt and kill animals in Africa, most of these animals are endangered but they claim by killing these animals they are helping in saving them, and that the meat goes to villages who need food. My point in that argument is if you are that rich and want to feed a village do it without killing a defenseless animal. Humans constantly make up excuses for when it comes to culling/hunting animals, I've heard they spread diseases, they are damaging the environment, there is too many of them etc. the list really is endless. But the point is humans are guilty of every single one of these things and more, yet there is no human population control. Personally to me it looks like we kill animals as and when we see fit after an animal causes an interference with human life's. 

It doesn't stop there either, it's human mentality to kill an animal if it attacks a person for example Sharks, it is rare that a shark will attack a person but when they do happen if the person dies it's from wounds/injuries received from the shark not because the shark ate the person... Yet when an attack happens people go of and kill any shark in the area but don't stop to think that we kill over (according to reports) 100 million sharks a year.

For me, it really does shock me how humans value themselves and their needs before any other animal on this planet, for me I will always see myself as equal to them, we share this planet with them, it is their home as well as ours. It is really sad to think that most of these animals may one day be extinct thanks to us. 

Of course this is just my opinion on the topic and not everyone will agree but let me know your thoughts.

The Little Things

I love going to the cinema, a couple of weeks a go now I finally got to see Jurassic World, it feels like I've been waiting for this films for years. I remember the rumours, then the teaser posters. It didn't disappoint at all, although the formula of the film is pretty simple and predictable I really enjoyed it, but I did feel like it skipped out answers from the previous Jurassic Park film. If you have seen it let me know your thoughts.

I love stationery, someone from work got me this pen just to say thank you for working hard. Honestly made my day and I love that is has my name on it.

This biscuit spread because it is delicious, it may not be the healthiest of things but it is vegan!

I love minions, they are cute and adorable and I really want one for myself. I can't wait to see the film although I've heard its not very good. Either way I still plan on building a minion army of cute figures and toys.

What little things have made your week?

Crafty Creatives - May box - Make a clasp purse.

crafty creatives felt clasp purse
Its been a while since I've posted any Crafty Creative posts, sometimes I start on the contents of the box but never finish the project. May's box saw us making a felt clasp purse, I love working with felt, so I was happy to give this one a go as soon as it arrived. 
crafty creatives felt clasp purse
The contents included pre-cut felt pieces, thread, jump rings, instructions, a needle and the purse clasp. I really loved the shades of felt that was included pastel and Spring colours. The instructions were easy to follow although it took me an age to stitch together the purse which made me put it down for a few weeks, since the purse shape had to be stitched twice, the outside and an inner layer. The felt was also really quite hard and tough to pierce with a tiny needle.
crafty creatives felt clasp purse

Although I did finally get around to finishing it off, and I love the end result. It isn't perfect, slightly wonky. The clasp was also hard to attached since it didn't easily fit on at all! I do love the end result but the purse isn't too my taste so I gave this away as part of a craft swap.

Are you subscribed to any subscription boxes, let me know your favourites.

Crafty Creatives is a monthly subscription box that sends a new craft to your door each month (£15 + £2.95pp)  to view past boxes click here.

Tuition Fees and Wildlife Conservation.

Stepping back into education in order to achieve my dream job of Wildlife Conservation has been tricky. Recently, I finished a Level two Animal Care course. For a while I hadn't really given it much thought on where to go after this, I wanted to keep my options open in either carrying on into level three Animal management or doing volunteer work overseas, the problem is I have no idea which one would be the best route into where I want to go. 

Being out of education for a while has left me out of scope with fees etc. as far as I was aware anyone who doesn't have A levels or a level three is entitled to this free of charge. This is mainly why I am writing this post because I did apply for Level three and was offered a place, and I have no idea how fees work! 

Basically, since I'm 24 I'm not entitled to a level three course free of charge, if I was aged between 19-23 it would be free, unless I already had A levels or a level three then I would've been charged £1800 for the two years. During my interview I was told I would have to apply for a student loan to do the course, therefore I assumed I would be paying the £1800 to attend the course, which is fine with me. My letter arrived a couple of weeks ago with the course cost and information on student loans. When I saw the cost of the course my mouth dropped, it costs £11356 for two years, that's over £5000 for a year. This is where I get confused, why does it cost this much because I'm 24? I sent an email asking why it cost so much this was the response, No funding - we will not contribute to the costs of learning through the adult skills budget. If the learner is 24 or over when they start their learning, and provision is at level 3 or 4 they may be eligible to apply for a 24+ Advanced Learning Loan. Otherwise, this may mean you pass on costs to the learner.’  I just don't understand how a 19-23 old paying to attend the course is any different for a 24 year old who could pay the same amount to attend the course? So if anyone knows why can someone please explain? 

After realising the course would cost over ten grand, its really left me at a stand still on where to go next. If I do the course its four days a week, meaning unless I can change my hours at work I would have to leave, so I would have no money coming in. I'd also have to catch two buses, the total for this a day would be £11.26 for four days it would cost me £45.04 that's £180.16 a month just getting there and back.  

Working with animals is what I want to do and doing conservation work is the route I want to take, I've been trying to find internships, volunteer work etc. that could lead me on that route but honestly I just feel lost on which route to take. 

Really I'm just asking for advice, does anyone know anyone who works in conservation or has any tips on where to being or advice on fees, it would really be appreciated. 

A day trip to York - Minster and museum gardens.

The one things I really loved whilst in York was the historic feel about the place, you have the castle wall, medieval buildings and the shambles. It's a shame, I don't know how many of you have ever been to Nottingham but before Broadmarsh (a shopping centre and a bad one at that) was built we had Drury Hill, which can have easily matched the York Shambles. 

Anyway whilst in York we wandered down the the Minster, the Minster is one of the largest of its kind in Northern Europe, after walking through the Shambles and arriving at the minster it made me feel like I was in a Harry Potter film.

It really was breathtaking, we had a look inside to see how much it was and it cost £10 pp to look around so we skipped that. Honestly, it is one of those buildings I could stare out for a long time and just marvel at its beauty. If anyone has been inside, let me know what you think!

Review - U+ Raspberry Ketones*

Review - U+ Raspberry Ketones
Recently, I've put on a little bit of weight, although it isn't something that bothers me I do want to get back to the size/weight I used to be since that's the weight where I am most happy and confident. On top of eating healthy and trying to do regular exercise I'm also been taking these U+ Raspberry Ketones (£20.00) I've never heard of Raspberry Ketones before, so what exactly are they? Raspberries contain 200 molecules that contribute to its distinct taste. The ketone molecule is one of these, which has been singled out for its distinct aroma. Raspberry ketones claim to help cause fat within cells break down more effectively, helping the body burn fat faster. They also claim that they increase levels of adipnectin a hormone that help regulates metabolism. 
Review - U+ Raspberry Ketones
The daily allowance is two capsules a day but to be taking at different times. The shell is also vegetarian for anyone wondering!!! Although raspberry flavour since you just pop a capsule in your mouth and swallow with water I couldn't really taste anything. I haven't really been consistent with the capsules, one day I'll have two, the next day one capsule or none at all so its hard to tell if they have contributed to any weight loss. I still have around twenty capsules lefts so if used consistently maybe I'll notice a difference. When I do take them though I do feel like I have more energy and I fill full so I resist the need to snack on junk food. 

I've also heard a lot of horror stories surrounding weight loss supplements with the effect they can have on the body (the ones surrounding the toilet...) But thankfully I had no side effects with this product.

Has anyone ever tried any weight loss supplements before? I'd love to hear your thoughts on them. 

*This product was sent to me for reviewing purposes, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Review - Instanatural Vitamin C toner and Scar Serum*

instanatural vitamin c toner review

Toner was one of those products I used to skip out of my beauty routine, I've never really understood the importance of it. I've used a few over the years the latest being the Vitamin C toner from instanatural (£17.95) The vitamin C is an essential nutrient that is vital for developing skin health and youthfulness, the product claims to clean and shrink pores with its powerful astringents such as tea tree and witch hazel, helps combats oily skin and hydrates and prepares skins for any oils, moisturisers etc. applied afterwards. 

The toner smells amazing and it really wakes you up in the morning. The toner gets deep into your pores removing any traces of dirt or make up, my skins feels clean and refreshed after using this. The product is perfect in preparing the skin for other products. The toner however made no difference to the size of my pores which was a bit of a disappointment. I really like the packaging since and I love toners in a spritzer bottle. Overall, its an average toner and one I would buy again if the price was slightly cheaper.

instanatural scar gel review

The advanced scar gel (£22.95) helps to diminish and erase scars over time by making them less visible over time. It can be used on acne scars, surgical scars and dark circles. The bottle is a pump action bottle, so you can get the right amount of product you need. It also means you use all of the product with no waste. The product is a brownish colour, which allows you to see where you have placed the product, its a lightweight formula that spreads easily over the skin, it also sinks in relatively quick. The product says it can be used on old and new scars, and to be used twice daily. After using the whole bottle, I can say the product works best on new scars, although I did notice it did change my older scars, it helped reduce the redness and slightly faded them. I've tried so many products for scarring over the years this one has been one of the better ones. 

Have you tried anything from the instanatural range let me know your thoughts.

*these products were sent to me for reviewing purposes, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Pet safe campaign - Plants that are toxic to dogs and cats*

more than pet safe campaign
I've grown up with having dogs for pets, and looking after them and keeping them safe as an owner it is your main priority. Although I know certain foods are toxic for dogs and cats for example grapes, I never really thought about the plants in my garden being toxic. Thankfully, none of my dogs have eaten plants and gotten sick (Alfie ate a snail once which is a whole different story) but like myself so many people are unaware of the toxic plants that might cause their dog or cat harm in their garden. 

MORE TH>N and Chris Dimmock have started a pet safe campaign to raise awareness of the issue of cats and dogs being poisoned by common household plants and flowers. With Summer and flowers being in bloom and dogs and cats spending more time outside it is important to raise awareness. 

A few facts
  • 78% of British Gardens contain plants and flowers that are toxic to dogs/cats.
  • One in three pet owners have no idea if the plants in their garden are toxic.
  • 10% of British cats and dogs have ingested poisonous plants and flowers, of those 43% needed urgent veterinary treatment whilst 15% past away.
  • According to research, the most dangerous gardens are found in London and South East (83%) followed by Wales (80%) the South West (79%)  East Anglia (78%) and West Midlands (77%)

To kick start the campaign, MORE TH<N have commissioned RHS gold medal winner Ian Drummond to create the worlds most dangerous garden to cats and dogs, this garden will be taken throughout London by charity core landscapes. 

A few on the plants on show include Begonia, Buxus Pyramiden, Chrysanthemum, Clematis, Cordyline, Daisy, Dahlia, Elderberry, Foxglove, Grape plant, Hydrangea, Hedera Ivy, Lilies (variety), Cherry Laurel, Marigold, Nerium Oleander, Paeonia mix, Papaver Poppy, Tomato plant and Wisteria.

Vet and consultant on the garden, Robert White-Adams, “As a nation of animal lovers we’ll do anything to not put our pets at harm. What this campaign reveals is the hidden dangers many of us wouldn’t even be aware of. Each plant has been chosen to show just how many common varieties can make our pets ill, or worse still, die if not treated immediately by a vet.”

MORE TH>N is also directly campaigning for plant producers, manufacturers etc. to provide clear labels stating if the plant is toxic. 

Did you know that some flowers and plants are toxic to your pets?

Collaboration with Fat Face*

I'm never usually one to post outfit posts, it is something I would like to do more of but I feel so awkward posing for photos (I hate having my photograph taken, which might be evident in the photos.) When I was asked on behalf of Fat Face to do a collaboration and style an item from their South Coast Brights, which encourages you to add a pop of neon into your summer wardrobe I jumped at the chance. Fat Face was a shop I loved going into when I was a teenager due to their laid back chick look. 

Their South Coast Brights collection is full of colour with cardigans, coats and shorts, something that is good for me. If you know me I don't really have much colour in my wardrobe so I'm trying to add some more in there, slowly but surely. It was a hard time choosing an item, I was tore between the Jacquard hoody and a pair of shorts. In the end I opted for the Ethnic embroidered shorts and I was also allowed another item from one of their other collections, I chose the Stoneby skate texture trainers because I wanted to create a casual, laid back Summer look. 
fat face summer neon trend
fat face summer neon trend

The shoes are the nicest shade of blue and are super comfy, they could easily be worn with many of the clothes I have in my wardrobe. The shorts are a little longer than my usual taste but the pop of neon was enough to convince me, the detail is stunning. I teamed the shorts and shoes with an Aztec style print crop top I bought last year. Overall, I'm really happy with the look I created with the items I chose and I think I achieved the look I wanted. The look is perfect for a relaxed Summer day and personally it is something I would wear at a music festival.

Its been a long time since I've bought anything from Fat Face but I'm glad to see that the quality of their products is still the same. 
fat face summer neon trend

Let me know what you think! I'd love to hear all about your favourite Summer trends. 

*These items were sent to be on behalf of Fat Face to talk about their Summer Neon trend, I was allowed to chose two items from their site, one from their South Coast Bright collection.

Staying safe in the Sun - Smartsun UV indicator wristband*

smart sun uv indicator wristband
Summer is in full swing in the UK, right now we are experiencing a heatwave! It's always important to stay safe in warmer weather and protect your skin. Rates of skin cancer are increasing faster than any other cancer in the UK so it's always important to apply sunscreen, most people apply sunscreen but forget or think they won't need to reapply during the day. The Smartsun's UV indicator is a great way to keep track on if you need to reapply sun lotion or stay out of the sun completely. 

What is it? The UV indicator is designed to help people stay safe in the Sun, its a wristband that can be worn on children to adults, on beaches, in the sea, outdoors etc.  

How does it work? The wristband measures the amount of UV radiation you are exposed to over the course of the day. After applying sunscreen, apply some to the wristband as well. The band changes colours according to the amount of UV radiaction your are exposed to, yellow its safe, beige its time to apply more sun lotion, pink means stay out the Sun!

This product is really great for everyone, you can find out more here.
Skin Cancer - The facts: Skin cancer is the most common cancer in the UK, more people die from skin cancer here than in Australia. Melanoma is now one of the most common cancers in young adults (15-34 in the UK.) Over 80% of all skin cancers are caused by over exposure by the Sun and sun beds. 

Remember to apply sun lotion, drink water and stay safe in the Sun! What are your tips? 

*I was sent this product to feature on my blog, this topic is something that is important to me.

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