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iwhite 2 instant review
So after many years of drinking tea and everything else my teeth have become stained, I've used several teeth whitening products over the years with only one being slightly successful. I've been wanting to get my teeth professionally whitened for a while but so far haven't been able to afford it. The iWhite2 Instant kit  (£34.95) sounds like the perfect solution as a professional teeth whitening kit to use at home. 

iwhite 2 instant review
iwhite 2 instant reviewThe pack contains ten pre-filled trays which means no mess of mixing things together. You can use the kit in five straight days or on a day you want an instant brightening of the teeth. I chose to do mine in five consecutive days. The pre-filled trays are designed to fit every ones teeth, I'm not entirely sure if they will but they fitted mine comfortably. To use, you have to brush your teeth before applying, then insert the trays over your upper and lower teeth and leave for twenty minutes. Once the trays are removed rinse your mouth with water. The trays are deigned to whiten the front and the back of the teeth, since teeth are translucent. As well as instant whitening and stain removing the product also claims to strengthen the teeth due to calcium in the product.
I was really impressed with the pre-filled trays application method, it's easy and there is no mess. However, one thing I did notice is that the gel doesn't spread evenly, it will sit in one place more than the other and there was always left over gel in the tray once I was done which made me wonder if I was using the product efficiently. Twenty minutes is a relatively short time although you never realise how much you need to swallow until you have something like this in your mouth! Whilst the product is on your could easily do tasks such as applying moisturiser, primer etc. 

The product claims to strengthen teeth, I can't give any evidence to show this is true but my teeth did feel slightly better in the sense that they weren't as sensitive and looked healthier. 

I can't say anybody likes looking at peoples teeth, so I do hope you aren't completely grossed out.. Day one was taken before the product was used with day five being the end result. The photos aren't the clearest and I've avoided editing the photos (lighting etc.) Can you see a difference? Although the product claims to say teeth will be eight shades whiter, I don't agree with that. My teeth do look slightly whiter but it wasn't the result I was hoping for. 

Overall, I didn't get the results I was hoping for but I did seem a slight improvement. It is a product I would buy again and I think the price is reasonable for a home kit.

Have you used any whitening products before, let me know!

*This product was sent to me for reviewing purposes, all thoughts and opinions are my own.
  1. Thank you for sharing your experience in detail with pictures showing the difference. I am little bit skeptical about getting the tooth whitening kit like this because it includes chemicals. Would rather go for some natural tooth whitening treatments if it gives the desired results.

  2. It's awful it literally did bugger all. Waste of money. Teeth bleaching strips I'm sure work better even pearl drops made more difference!

  3. It's awful it literally did bugger all. Waste of money. Teeth bleaching strips I'm sure work better even pearl drops made more difference!

  4. Always ask your dentist for advice on which of whitening products is best for you.

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