Review - Mink and Stone*

mink and stone review
As much as I like jewellery, I rarely buy it. This is mainly because I can never find anything I like, I also have dainty wrists so finding something that fits is near impossible. Mink & Stone is website where you can design and personalise your own jewellery. The process of creating and designing your own jewellery is really simple, there are eight essential necklaces and bracelets styles and lengths to choose from. Once you've decided on if you want a bracelet or necklace you then choose the beads etc. that you like and add them to your trays. You then simply add the beads that you want to your jewellery, you can play around as much as you want, the process is really easy. 
mink and stone review

There are so many beads to choose from in all different shapes and sizes, in a wide variety of colours. I added so many to my trays, in the end I opted for a blue and silver coloured bracelet with a floral theme, I wanted a bigger bead to act as the statement bead. I like symmetry  so I made sure it matched up on both sides. 

I'm really happy with my bracelet, Mink & Stone is perfect if you want to create your own jewellery (especially for gifts or for weddings!) You can also buy other peoples design, and if you've created your own design, you get 10% of the profit back in stones which is a great idea. You can find my design here, which also gives you the details about the stones/beads I have chosen.

*I was gifted £10 to spend on Mink and Stone in exchange for a review of the jewellery making process and item, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

A day trip to York - York's Chocolate Story

So if you know me, you would know how much I love chocolate, if there is ever chocolate around I'm the first one there, when people bring chocolate into work everyone's like 'Hannah, there's chocolate over here.' When I was looking for things to do in York I came across York's chocolate story, I was half and half about booking to go because I wasn't sure if it would be any good, but after a reading a few reviews on trip advisor (and checking that their chocolate is vegetarian) we booked the tour. 
yorks chocolate story

The tour started at half two and lasted an hour although it went really quick! Our tour guy was Dougie who was great (all the staff was pretty amazing!) The tour starts of on the top floor called the story zone, here you aren't allowed to take photos due to visual effects and talking photos... This part is all about the history of chocolate from the first cocoa bean used in a Mayan chocolate drink which included chilli peppers and water (which you can sample on the tour) to the start of Roundtrees and Terry's. It was really interesting with lots of information, I also really like hearing about the people of York who used to work in these factories and the roles they played. Again our tour guide Dougie shared lots of information and answered questions, and the debate over Hershey's and British chocolate. I've had Hershey's before and enjoyed it but apparently it gets its unique taste from rancid milk! 

Review - AA Skincare, Seaweed and Aloe refreshing eye gel*

aa skincare eye gel review

We all suffer from tired eyes from time to time, I do a lot and I've noticed my eyes getting a little darker from month to month. My beauty routine has never included anything designed just for the eyes so I was excited to try this eye gel from Amphora Aromatics (£6.96, 50ml.)  The product aims to refresh eyes whilst soothing, cooling and relieving tired eyes, it contains ingredients such as Aloe Vera which help cool, calm and sooth skin, Aloe Vera  is a natural anti-inflammatory and has anti-microbial properties which can promote cell growth. Seaweed a natural anti-inflammatory helping to sooth and calm skin. Cucumber extract helps to nourish and hydrate, amongst other things. 

I really like the design and packaging, its simple but I think that reflects the natural ingredients used in the product, I love products that have pump dispensers because it means you get to use as much of the product as possible! 

The product is really easy to use, you pump the amount you want out and then apply to the desired area, the eye gel can also be used as a make up remover applying over the eyes and removing with a cotton wool pad. The product works amazing as a make up remover, and always removes any last bit of stuck mascara or eyeliner. 

One thing I was worried about was putting gel over my eyelids, gel is quite thick and I was sure it would sting my eye or I'd get product in them, however the product is delicate, not once has it stung or agitated my eye. The eye gel would suit anyone who has sensitive skin.

Overall, the product does as it says, when I apply this to my eyes, the cooling sensation happens immediately, which is a great pick me up when I'm up at four am.  It soothes my eyes and I have noticed that my eyes have started looking a little brighter. The price for this product is affordable especially as it also acts as a make up remover, it's also the perfect size to fit into your bag if you need a little pick me up during the day.

Do you use eye gels? Let me know what you think.

*This product was sent to me for reviewing purposes, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

A day trip to York - Dungeons, Clifford's tower and the Castle museum.

Last week, I went on a day trip to York, I always make a list of things I want to see and do before I go places and try and have a day full of stuff to do. I chose York because I can't recall ever going (although again, my mum tells me otherwise and I went when I was younger, seriously bad memory.) As soon as I stepped of the train, I was captivated by this city, I love its historic buildings, its castle wall, its rivers to its cobbled streets. 
the york dungen blog review

Review - Remescar silicone scar stick*

One thing I really dislike about my skin and makes me loose all confidence when I'm not wearing make up are my scars, these are from acne and an accident I had when I was younger that lead me to having five stitches on my chin (I was riding a bike down a hill and thought it would be a good idea to press both of my brakes really hard resulting in me flying over the handle bars...) I've been searching forever for a product that can reduce the redness and appearance of my scars to no avail, on top of that I'm going to America this year for just over three weeks and the last thing I want to feel insecure about is my skin and feeling like I have to put foundation on just to feel confident. 
remescar silicone stick review

remescar silicone scar stick review

Remescar is a easy to apply silicone scar stick (£19.99 from boots) which can be used on scars, burn marks, stretch marks, surgery and post laser scars. I was planning on using this on some stretch marks on my thighs but since my facial scaring was more of a concern to me I've just been using the stick on them but they do have a cream for stretch marks (£24.99 from boots.) Remescar works by releasing a transparent, thin silicone base film creating a healing protective barrier, helping maintain moisture whilst healing. The aim is to reduce a scars length and height, to soften and flatten, to restore skin to a normal colour and texture. 

The product is really easy to apply, it soaks into the skin really quickly and can be worn under make up. I've been using this twice a day, once in the morning and once at night for over three weeks now. It does say to use the product for up to two months to get the best results, but also results should be noticed after 28 days. 
remescar before and after

I wasn't sure if I wanted to show before and after shots since I am really insecure about my skin, but I did take before and after shots so I could compare the differences myself. I've decided to share them because scarring is a body concern many of us may have. As you can see (I hope) this product has made a difference to my scarring and redness of my skin. My skin looks a lot clearer, scars look smaller, my skin doesn't look as agitated. 

Overall, I am really pleased with this product and it would be something I would recommend to those who suffer from scarring. 

Let me know your thoughts!

*This product was sent to be for reviewing purposes, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Hillary's Craft Competition - Butterfly hanging decoration/mobile

Last year I took part in the Hillary's craft competition, it was a lot of fun getting involved so I was eager to take part in this years, there were four fabrics to choose from, I opted for the Safi Turquoise fabric, a botanical, leafy lush fabric. 

The fabric appealed to me because of the colour, natural side to it and I found the fabric to be quite relaxing. I wanted to make something that would reflect that. I had a few ideas such as a tea light holder, to a lamp shade but opted to make a butterfly hanging decoration after being inspired by a paper butterfly hanging at my local shopping centre. 

The butterfly mobile is really simple to make but is time consuming. You will need: fabric, felt pieces, scissors, thread, a bamboo stick, glue, crystals etc. to decorate. 
Firstly I made two butterfly templates, then I cut out twenty small butterflies and five larger butterflies, how many you make is entirely up to you. Afterwards I did the same on felt in the shades of green and blues, I used felt as a backing for the fabric to make it more solid.
I then selected some thread, crystals beads etc. and laid the thread out and positioned the butterflies to get an idea of where I would like them.

I then threaded on some crystals, glues the butterflies to the thread and decorated the fabric with seed beads etc. 

I'm really happy with the end results, let me know what you think!

Review - Creamy Candy bubble bar from Lush

creamy candy bubble bar review
This is a perfect bar for those who love something sweet, creamy candy (£2.95) is exactly what it says, the scent is super yummy and the bar is delicate and pretty to look at. I picked this one up not only for the scent but I thought £2.95 was affordable. 

On the lush website it claims the candy floss scent will help your energy levels perk up, however I have to disagree. Sweet scents always make me feel relaxed, and this bar does just that. 

creamy candy bubble bar review
I used the whole bar in my bath, although it could be split into two. For me, I found the bar really hard to break, it took me a while to get the bar to crumble and ended up chucking a lump of it in the bath. As you can see though the bar did create lots of bubbles, I was hoping the bath water would turn a nice baby pink colour but actually looked a lot like dirty water. 

Afterwards, my skin was left feeling nourish, hydrated and feeling soft. The bubble bar contains almond oil and butter chunks to give the skin a velvety texture whilst leaving it soft and conditioned. 

It's not my favourite bubble bar but I would buy it again due to the price and that scent! Have you tried this before, let me know your thoughts. 

Review - Casmara Beauty Plan Collection Balancing Algae Peel Off Mask*

Casmara Beauty Plan Collection Balancing Algae Peel Off Mask review

I first heard about Casmara after reading a few tweets saying how amazing their face masks are and how good people were saying their skin looked afterwards. There are four masks to choose from a hydra, purifying, rejuvenating and lastly the one I tired balancing. The face masks aren't what I would could particularly cheap for one face mask, retailing at £9.99 but the contents include a pre-treatment cream, two part sachet mix, spatula and a mixing pot. 

The balancing face mask is formulated with ECOCERT, certified Goji Berries, betaine and honey, the products aims to prevent the appearance of fine lines and ageing, keeps the skin protected and vibrant, reduces puffiness and the appearance of dark circles around the eyes.  It has firming, toning and calming effects whilst you relax. 
Casmara Beauty Plan Collection Balancing Algae Peel Off Mask review
Although it looks complicated the product is easy to use, firstly you apply the pre-treatment to your face to cleanse, this aims to make sure you receive the full benefits of the face mask. Me and my sister did the face mask together, there is lots of product for just one mask, and leaving the rest is just a waste. Firstly you pour the powder into the pot then pour the gel in after, which turns the product into your face mask. Here you mix for around one minute or until you have a uniform mixture. The face masks has to be applied within five minutes because it will begin to set!!!!! 

My product actually turned out pretty gloopy, it was quite hard to apply to the face and it did drip off. Once me and my sister had applied the mask there was enough mix to make another, I'm not entirely sure if you can save some of the powder and gel for a later use. 

Casmara Beauty Plan Collection Balancing Algae Peel Off Mask review

This is what the product looked like in the pot after it had set a very vibrant Orange and almost plastic looking. The mask has a cooling effect when you first put it on which is quite relaxing. You leave the mask on for twenty minutes, it does state not to wash of with water but once it has set it is easily peeled off and also pain free. After the mask is removed you then apply the remaining pre-treatment to your face to create a seal.

My skin felt a lot softer and clean once the mask was removed, my skin did appear to look brighter and smoother. I was impressed with the immediate results, it's rare that a mask can show results after use and this is the first one I have tried that lived up to it's hype. I am impressed, it is a mask I would try again.

Have any of you tried this mask before, let me know your thoughts. 

*This product was sent to me for reviewing purposes, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Crafternoon at Breadsall PrioryI

On Sunday 7th June I attended a Charity Crafternoon to raise money for Mollie Makes for Comic Relief, the event was hosted by Samantha from Crafternoon Tea Hostess and Kat from A Krafty Kat and held at Breadsall Priory, located in Derbyshire. Breadsall Priory is the oldest Marriott hotel in the world, complete with a golf course, gym, spa facilities and more.
Breadsall Priory was extremely accommodating, on arrival we were given welcoming drinks whilst we filled out name badges, after everyone had arrived we were treated to afternoon tea with clotted cream and jam served in Denbyware and dainty sandwiches, scones, lemon tarts and other sweet treats on afternoon tea stands. This was the first time I've ever had afternoon tea and it was delicious, I was so full by the end of it. 

After lunch we headed upstairs to the event room which was gorgeous, it had a lovely view outside of the water fountain, the room was light and airy complete with a pretty chandelier. Once we was upstairs we were given talk from Weleda, if you haven't heard of Weleda before they are a Derbyshire company who make natural/organic skincare products and more. The chat was really informative and we got to try some of the products out to help give us soft and lovely hands. My favourite product was the bath milk, I really want to buy some of this to soak in! 
From two to four we got to craft, as part of the etsy craft party the theme was kaleidoscope, we was provided with lots of craft supplies to work with from embroidery hoops, fabrics, tissue paper and more.  I went astray from the theme a little picking out some floral fabric in hues of red and pinks. What I love about these events is that everyone is provided with the same materials but the end result is always different and its always nice to do something that you normally wouldn't do if you was crafting. 
A few of the attendees also gave us a few talks, Jen talked to us about Lunar 21, Alice talked about her gift shop bless your art boutiques and the ceramics she makes and Phil talked/demonstrated to us a product called Polyvine, as well as letting us have a go and creating different effects. It's an interesting product which I might use on some photo frames. The day went by really quickly, and it was such a nice event.  The event has lots of support and sponsors and we were also kindly provided with some goodies to take home. 
We were provided with a paper goods box, knitting yarns and patterns from Readicut, an embroidery hoop from Korbond, a good bag from Breadsall Priory which included a one day leisure pass and 20% of a spa treat, travel samples from Weleda and scumble glaze from Polyvine. We also did a craft swap and I got some beautiful ceramics which I cant wait to paint and varnish, a heart, ribbon and some pretty paper from Alice, I was really happy with the swap I took, the ceramics and heart fit my room perfectly. 

I'm really looking forward to going back to Breadsall Priory and using my leisure pass!

A big thank you to Samatha, Kat, Breadsall Priory and all the sponsors, it was a amazing day!! 

Review - Lush's Brightside bubble bar

lush brightside review

The name of this bubble bar (Brightside £4.75)  is a perfect fit and also makes me want to sing Mr. Brightside (which is a good thing.) with gorgeous swirls of oranges, reds and yellows, it's such a wonderful, colourful bubble bar.

I am a fan of sweeter scents so tend to opt for ones that have vanilla, honey and caramel scents, however the citrus scent of this one won me over, it's a fresh, vibrant, uplifting scent and whilst having a soak it really wakes you up. 

Whilst using, I broke the bar into two to make the bar last longer (although I did read on the lush website that people have been  breaking it into chunks of five.) I do find some of Lush's bath products can be really hard to break down under running water, and with the water being hot it is never a good match, Brightside however was really easy to mush/break down. 

lush brightside review
As soon as the bar started to crumble into the water bubbles started to appear, whilst the water turned the most beautiful shade of orange (honestly looked like I was bathing in orange juice.) The bubbles got larger and fluffier as water continued to fill the bath. 

Afterwards my skin felt soft, and smooth whilst smelling amazing! This bubble bar has key ingredients such tangerine oils to tone the skin, bergamot oil to uplift and cleanse. I really enjoyed this bubble bar and would buy again!

Have you used this bar before, let me know your thoughts.

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